NetAnalysis 1.5

It has become the industry standard software for the recovery of Internet
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NetAnalysis has become the industry standard software for the recovery and analysis of Internet browser artefacts.
NetAnalysis also has a unique feature to quickly identify possible child pornography sites, search criteria typed by the user, passwords and usernames and access to online storage.
NetAnalysis will automatically filter out possible search criteria. This allows you to separate this vital evidence and present it as a separate exhibit. How can the suspect claim he/she stumbled across the pictures by accident if you have pages and pages of search criteria looking for that material.
In addition, NetAnalysis also allows you to build keyword lists and SQL queries. These queries and lists can be shared amongst colleagues and saved for later use.
With the increase in the use of computers by paedophiles and other criminals who commit crime on the Internet, it is vital for digital forensics investigators to be able to extract this data, analyse it quickly and present the evidence in an understandable format.
Main features:
-Reporting and Analysis
-Add bookmarks to URL records which can be used to evidence user activity
-Advanced Evidence Report showing user bookmarks and important data
-Multiple Keyword Searching
-Multiple Export Formats such as CSV, TSV, HTML and Access Database
-Example keyword lists for common forensic investigations
-Advanced filters for suspect sites, search engine criteria, usernames & passwords
-Filter Searching Bar to search multiple keywords across multiple fields
-Direct SQL Feature to create your own SQL queries
-Powerful filtering, searching and keyword highlighting
-Identify Yahoo web based e-mail activity and Hotmail e-mail activity
-Groups URL records by Category, URL, FTP, Redirect, e-mail activity and Host Sites
-Analytical Reports - Frequency, Grouping and Advanced
-Recovery of Deleted Browser History
-HstEx Data Recovery Software (part of the NetAnalysis Suite)
-Supports EnCase® v1-6 Image File (EVF / Expert Witness Format)
-Supports AccessData® FTK Image Files
-Supports SMART/Expert Witness Image File
-Supports X-Ways Forensics Image File
-Supports Physical and Logical Direct Disk Access (Sector by Sector Processing)
-Supports VMWare Virtual Disk File
-Supports Virtual Hard Disk File
-Supports Segmented Image Unix / Linux DD / Raw Image Files
-Supports Single Image Unix / Linux DD / Raw Image Files
-Supports Micro Systemation XRY File
-Supports extraction from Memory Dumps, binary dumps
-Recovers deleted data from Microsoft Internet Explorer v4
-Recovers deleted data from Microsoft Internet Explorer v5 - 9
-Recovers deleted Mozilla Firefox v1-2 Files
-Recovers deleted Mozilla Firefox v1-3 Cache Entries
-Recovers deleted Apple Safari (XML) Plist History Entries
-Recovers deleted Apple Safari (Binary) Plist History Files
-Recovers deleted Mozilla / Netscape / Firefox (v1 – 2) Bookmarks Entries
-Recovers deleted Yahoo! BT Browser History Entries

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